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Kangaroo Feeding Pump

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Kangaroo Feeding Pump - Image Number 4059

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Product Description:

The Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump provides feeding and flushing in a completely portable device. This feeding pump is the first hydrating and ambulatory enteral device available. It assures clinicians of accurate and reliable function while providing patients with freedom and mobility.

Increased Accuracy - The Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump is +/-7% making enteral feeding even safer.

Small Size
- The smallest Kangaroo™ enteral feeding pump ever. It is 30% smaller than the Kangaroo ePump™ enteral feeding pump. It is ready for ambulatory use- just place it in the backpack, program the pump and go.

Rubber Overmold
- Makes the Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump more durable and shock resistant. The rubber overmold makes the operation of the pump quieter as well as splash resistant.

Easy to Use Power Source
- Allows the user to very easily plug and unplug the Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump.

High IPX Rating
- The Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump has a high waterproof rating making it even easier to clean between uses.

Ease of Use
- The Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump "ATM style" interface guides the user through programming. It recognizes the type of pump-set that is loaded then asks the user questions appropriate only to that set. This makes it easy to program, use and in-service allowing more patient interaction.

Pump Set Based Program
-  Pump set based programming allows the Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump to be used in any setting. MISTIC (Magnetic Intelligent Set Type Identification Connector) identified the pump-set type and then asks questions only about that set. If a customer upgrades to a flushing platform they only have to change their pump-set without the hassle or cost of upgrading or adding equipment.

Attitude Independent -  Cloudy drip chambers, crowded I.V., poles, wheel chairs, vertical backpacks do not impede the flow of formula with the Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump. It can truly be used anywhere on anyone! Attitude independence also makes Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump the ONLY ambulatory flush pump available.

72 Hour History
- The 72-hour memory on the Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump informs the user how much formula has been infused over any given period of time. This meals patients will receive the nutrition they need to convalesce. DEHP

Free Pump Sets
- All Kangaroo Joey™ sets are 100% DEHP Free (and 100% phthalate free). This ensures that your customers always use the safest and most environmentally friendly pump sets.

Anti-Free Flow Pump Sets - All Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump Sets have an AFF (Anti Free Flow) device. Once again, this ensures the safest product for your patients. Covidien is the ONLY manufacturer that offers both DEHP Free and AFF in one pump set.

Multiple Languages
-  The Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump is programmed in 17 languages. It can be easily changed from one language to another which allows for easy and safe use by most clinicians.

Lock-Out Feature
-  Use the 2-3-2 (2nd button down for 4 drips and then back to the 2nd button down for 2 drips) to lock the settings on the pump. This feature locks the settings from being purposely or accidentally changed and can be unlocked by following the same steps.

-  The "Keep or Clear" settings on the Kangaroo Joey™ enteral feeding pump have the ability to remember the programmed data indefinitely. This allows a feeding that has been stopped to resume immediately.

- Allows the pump to deliver very small amounts of fluid while not actively feeding. It delivers very

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